Since my early years,
I've been captivated by the world of footwear. It all began with the coolest
pair of yellow fireman boots from my childhood. As a teen, I outgrew my boots
and was addicted to running shoes. I wouldn’t just buy the one pair that I
needed for school and sports, I would buy multiple pairs because I liked having
different styles. Today, all footwear interests me. I am constantly inspired by
the evolving trends and often find myself looking towards the ground as I
observe and take note of the shoe choices of those around me.


In 2021, I decided to
channel my passions and enter the shoe business myself to create a shoe that I
felt the industry was missing. When I was seeking a manufacturing partner, it
was important to me that it was a family business. There is something very
special about a family business and the company culture that is present. When I
visited my manufacturer in Portugal and met their dedicated team, it became
clear that I had found my partner.


Together we have
worked tirelessly over the past two years to produce my inaugural shoe, Lug
One. With the evolving preferences in footwear, comfort is a cornerstone of
this shoe. The Lug One embodies a timeless design meticulously crafted with
comfort at the forefront. I chose a loafer as my flagship product because it is
dynamic and can be worn to the office or worn out on the town.


Notably, I am proud
to establish J. Harvey Co. in my hometown, Saint Louis. Once home to the
world's largest shoe manufacturers, Saint Louis has a profound shoe history
that helped shape the footwear industry we know today. A few of those companies
and many passionate individuals remain in Saint Louis and I’m honored to join
those fellow "shoe dogs" who share my love for footwear. My goal is
to grow my business in Saint Louis, contributing to the city's rich shoe


I believe that shoes
are more than a necessity—they are a source of fun, a style statement, and a
mood booster. Each day, I wake up with excitement, committed to designing
quality footwear that not only feels good on the feet but also brings you joy.
Thank you for visiting my store and taking the time to hear my story. I hope
you enjoy the Lug One, and stay tuned for more styles to come.


J. Harvey